Starter Guide

If you are new to the TI community, please follow these steps.

1) Verify that you own a supported calculator

It is required that you own one of the calculators listed above, if not, these files and support will not help you.

2) Install either TI Connect for your calculator version, or TILP

Although you have two options, it is recommended that you choose the TI Connect application as it
has more support from the community
These are for transferring programs from your computer to your calculator

3) Obtain the correct cord for connection

You will need a cord to connect to the PC to download the programs….

Silverlink Cable
Micro USB to USB Cable

Or obtain a link cable to receive the program from a friend with a computer cable (not compatible with TI 84+ CE and CE-T)

Unit to Unit
Link Cable

4) Browse for content!

You will find content for various programs and types on the Program Archive

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